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So what exactly do you do?

That is a good question and as a sound editors' role is not well-known or yet fully acknowledged, and one that I am often asked! I hope these examples may help answer the query.

A creative sound editor can offer any director enhanced ability in producing imaginative, powerful and memorable work. An understanding of and the intelligent use of sound editing and design should be intrinsic achieving this in any dramatic production. If allowed the time and scope even in the most modest of films. You don't need an expensive sound library, music or hot "hollywood effects" either to achieve the dramatic results, everyday sounds if arranged in a careful ways can assist in creating something far more interesting than was there before.

In this scene from Italian Breakfast, the director was concerned that the scene acquire a sense of tension and apprehension in keeping with the visual narrative, that of a potential burglary taking place. Often in such circumstances, music and spooky non-diegetic effects are the easiest and most common to resort to. In this case, it was suggested to try something a little different and keep these things to a minimum. By using simple diegetic sounds in the spot and atmospheric sounds so as to build in a cause and effect cascade, it was hoped to create a gradual change in the mood of the audience, heighten tension and anticipation and build toward a suitable finale.

The director was pleasantly surprised by the results, see what you think?

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