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Roots ii | Jegg Music Sound & Video Production
From a young age the musical strain was expressed in impromptu performances on the ukulele at junior school, then more formal orchestras, wind bands, choirs and teenage garage rock bands, moving on to working with established groups and artists in their respective fields. Unusually for an 11 year old the first album he bought was a classical film score, John Williams' exuberant Superman The Movie. Jeremy had at this time developed a keen interest in music and soundtracks for TV and recorded many of the themes of the period onto a cassette recorder to compile his own albums.

In adulthood, contemporary film composers such as Williams, James Newton Howard, and Terence Blanchard, Howard Shore, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman and Thomas Newman are greatly admired but Jeremy draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of sources. He enjoys utilizing a variety of genres in his compositions and performance.

US output remains a prime influence and albums from the likes of Quincy Jones, Prince, Joni Mitchell, Al Jarreau and Chaka Khan take prominent positions in his musical collection. Other favourites include Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Toto, Clannad, Brenda Russell, Kate Bush, Shawn Colvin and Lisa Loeb. References to producers and artists such as Michael Omartion, Trevor Horn, Arif Mardin and David Gamson, David Foster, W.G Snuffy Walden, Dave Grusin and Bruce Hornsby can also be found in Jeremy's work.

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